Health and Fitness Clubs on the High Rise

Health and Fitness Clubs Surprise Rise?It came as no surprise to me. The report from pronounced that memberships to health and fitness clubs were actually on the rise, even in spite of current economic conditions. The biggest growth is coming from elder ‘Boomers’, age 55 and up.Um… that would be me!So why the surprise? The fact that my age demographic is leading the way in the current membership explosion shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It was the Boomers who started the whole craze.I can’t say I’m big on joining a fitness center as I prefer doing my own thing. Here in my high rise condo, I have access to an indoor pool and a very well-equipped gym.I rarely use it. But whenever I walk by, the majority of people who do use it are… you guessed it – minimum 45+. One of the regulars is 78 years old!For myself, I spend a good amount of time in the stairs, currently running 5 cycles up and down 22 floors, three times a week. It takes just over 30 minutes. As well, Maggie and I do a fair bit of walking after dinner and on weekends. Add a few stretches coupled with some occasional resistance training as recommended by most professional trainers and I’m good. In fact, I’m pretty darned proud of my 55+ year old bod!:)The Lure of Health and Fitness ClubsIt’s hard to resist those health and fitness club flyers, isn’t it? Boomers especially cling to the vision of maintaining a youthful, vigorous appearance. We’re getting more ‘quantity’ of life, with age expectancy rising all the time. What Boomers demand now however is ‘quality’. They want to squeeze as much enjoyment out of their ever lengthening years.Of course, you could always take the Rodney Dangerfield approach to looking your best, “If you want to look thinner, hang around more fat people.”Personally, I believe you actually become who you hang out with. My job teaching young children for the past 37 years has certainly had a better effect than any gym. Plus the fact that Maggie is 12 years younger keeps me energized as well!Choosing a Health and Fitness ClubWhether or not you join a health and fitness club is a matter of choice. Some people need the extra push and accountability that a personal trainer or other club members will give. Organized gyms also can provide a social outlet which is most important in this day and age of increasing isolation and cocooning.Of course, due diligence is required before signing on the dotted line at any fitness center. While the initial offer to get you in the door may be quite enticing, you have to be extremely aware of the inevitable upsell to an annual or ‘family’ package deal.The main question is, will you actually stick to the program? Most clubs are banking that you won’t! They know most people are very weak when it comes to keeping commitments, especially the pain-for-gain kind. They also know these same people are even weaker when it comes to asking for a refund. They would rather simply slink away rather than be held accountable.The fact is, most health and fitness clubs are very strict with their refund policies. This brings a whole new meaning to the term, “Use it (your membership) or lose it (hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned cash!)”.Warning: Health and Fitness Club FraudIt’s not bad enough that you have to be aware of ‘upsell-hell’ when you shop around for a training center. It’s extremely rare NOT to be confronted with an upsell opportunity, so expect it. (Do you want fries with that?)Maggie actually had such an experience with a spa, very similar to the gym bait and switch routine. She purchased a basic package, only to be told the next week that the package was ‘discontinued’. She would have to upgrade.The following week, she was pitched to add a massage. The week after that, she was followed by a rep with a clipboard, showing her all the benefits she would gain if she upgraded to the next better deal. Maggie didn’t return again after the 5th week. She just cut her loss. Obviously, this spa mistook her for an ATM machine.Occasionally though, you’ll come across outright frauds. The news from my old home town of Nashua, N.H. recently reported that the president of a new, unregistered health and fitness club was found guilty of illegally using $14,000 in pre-paid memberships to carpet his facility. Apparently, this person was a firm believer in exercise as law officials concluded that he planned to take the money and run!For the next few months, he’ll be doing his work outs in one of New Hampshire’s finest fitness centers – a.k.a. jail!

Health and Fitness – Helping You to Stay Active

As we get older there is nothing more important than maintaining our health by keeping fit. When the work a day world is but a memory and the joys of retirement are before us, life can be more enjoyable by staying fit – both physically and mentally. As we reach our senior years, our bodies change. We find perhaps our endurance isn’t what it once was or we aren’t quite as limber as we remember being. That comes partly with aging and partly because we might not be having as active a routine as we did when we were working or perhaps had a fuller schedule of activities. We have reached the phase in our lives where we should consider a new daily or weekly routine that includes scheduled activity. Now, I know what you are thinking, but in order to maintain our senior health and fitness we must do more than walk to the coffee maker and pour a cup of coffee in the morning and then walk to the television and turn on our favorite morning talk show.Maintaining senior health and fitness in our maturing years helps assure us of keeping our blood pressure low and our spirits high; it keeps our heart in good shape and cholesterol at bay. Maintaining a program of senior health and fitness keeps our mind clear and wit sharp and our thought process on the cutting edge. Healthy, vigorous exercise keeps a body limbered and toned and ready to seize the day. As tempting as it might be for us to sit in the easy chair with our feet up, it isn’t going to do much for keeping our bodies and mind in shape.There is no better way to maintain our senior health and fitness than by good old fashioned exercise. It might be wise to check with your doctor first before you begin or increase an exercise program. Part of that discussion should include setting goals and selecting suitable exercise for your age and fitness level. Your doctor may recommend certain exercises based on your medical conditions such as diabetes or heart predicaments.It is important to always stay active no matter what our age may be but senior health and fitness is especially important. After we retire it is practically the law to make sure we stay active. That assures us of living a full and active life and enjoying every minute we have on this earth.Senior health and fitness can be achieved by working in the yard more or walking about your neighborhood. Even walking to that cup of coffee at the corner diner in the morning is a positive action.Senior health and fitness can be as simple as walking around the block several times a week or become a little more sophisticated by joining a health club or gym. A fitness routine, when shared with others, can become an enjoyable event that we look forward to rather than look upon as a necessary evil and look away from. That is the key to maintaining our senior health and fitness.

Best Ways for Good Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are almost the same but do not mean the same thing. Basically, health is when one is free from diseases or injury. On the other hand, fitness is the ability to perform simple activities to without getting tired very fast; this is also referred to as sporting prowess.It is possible to be healthy but not fit but to a certain level. But it may not be possible to be fit but not healthy.The thing is to get healthy and maintaining it. So, as a child one should struggle to get healthy and try the best to maintain it through to adulthood. Parents have a task and assure that their children get to eat well, exercise and keep off drugs which should be accompanied with good quantity of rest and fun in their lives.As an adult or an older person one must take the obligation to watch over younger children who do not care about their health. Watch over them and let them do what they feel like, let them sleep when tired, let them be active, cry, laugh and even cry when they feel that they are rejected. Let them also eat whatever they feel as long as they are provided with the best choices.Sometimes one feels that they cannot get back to their childhood health without another person’s help. It is advisable that one gets to a health fitness club or buys the relevant fitness equipment to do so. Before doing all this, the drive should all depend and come from the inside, since one is responsible of their health, whether in regaining it or maintaining. Get to the responsibility of regaining the weight so that it is possible for one to play with the children which is a great tip to bonding with them.All these can be achieved in a very easy way, taking each step positively and at a time. Try to eat something good for the health such as a salad. Have a multi vitamin. Take a walk for about five minutes in one direction without turning back to head back home. By doing that, in is able to relieve all the stress back at home or in the office. Be positive with it and focus on how wonderful it is. Be proud of each step that is taken. When all this is kept in mind, it will develop to a habit and it will be a duty to perform something healthy every day.